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Welcome to 2030: I own my own home, enjoy my privacy, the banksters are in jail and life is only getting better

Welcome to my home, we have just started a new decade. I own this property, my books, my clothes and a small number of personal possessions but the appliances in my home and the car that I use are communally owned and shared. Billionaires no longer exist, most people own their own home, and some own two homes but nobody owns multiples homes and rentierism is no longer a way that people earn their living. Others live in locally organised housing cooperatives or are living on intentional communities.

This may seem strange to the people of the early 2020s, but since The Time of Madness ended, the war on drugs was brought to a close, the arms trade was ceased, and the human race undertook its communal shadow work it makes perfect sense to us. Once inequality shrank and it was recognised that affluenza was a real condition, and very rich people suffered along with the poor, and that the billionaire class and unelected globalist technocrats were leading us down a dangerous path of division, we reoriented our values. Poverty and homelessness were consigned to the dustbin of history, when we instituted nondebt-based systems (such as Copiosis). It all seemed so obvious. Many bankers, politicians and arms dealers are still in jail for their crimes against humanity. Some pioneering psychiatrists are building on the research of Dr Kent Kiehl on the differences between psychopath brain structure to find effective treatments for those suffering psychopaths who once held powerful positions but are now incarcerated.

Once the breakthroughs in clean green energy and gravitational propulsion were made, things started to change quickly. We also made sure that the big tech giants and megalomaniacal ‘philanthropists’ could not dictate terms on privacy for digital communication. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden were both pardoned and received apologies, and the FBI was prosecuted for its persecution of Aaron Swartz. The DEA was abolished earlier in the decade when the madness of the so-called “War on Drugs” (actually a war on the working class) came to an end. Public transport was free but private vehicles were still common, their communal ownership helped solve the transport issue and rush hour became a thing of the past. Anti-gravity craft also helped facilitate this and many people went back to using bicycles, as it helped them reconnect with nature, think and improved their cardio-vascular health. What were the corrupt leaders and the so-called philanthropists of The Time of Madness thinking? What drove them to their addiction and insanity? Who can say?

There is so much more time for hiking and cycling and I feel so much more connected to nature than I did when I had to worry about the rent and bills. I undertook a course of MDMA therapy last year and recently completed a blended learning course in Jungian shadow work, it’s really helped me understand my childhood and the negative patterns of behaviour that were so prevalent in my life. I still see a counsellor every other week, but I can see that the need for that will soon end. Next month I’m going to live on an ecovillage for six months to learn new skills related to permaculture and to reconnect with nature.

In our city we don’t pay rent because either we own the place that we live in without having a mortgage or being in any other form of debt or we are part of housing cooperatives. Once we abolished usury and reimagined money the extremes of inequality and poverty ended (there were neither billionaires nor homeless people), it solved so many societal problems in one fell swoop.

Sometimes I cook for myself, but most often I eat communally with friends or the other people in my local food cooperative because I enjoy the socialising over food preparation and the conversation with the food. Most of it is food we have grown locally and communally and there is an absolute minimum of food waste, unlike the bad old days when over a third of food was wasted in the West while millions went hungry. The phrase ‘social capital’ has largely become redundant because of the deep connection we all feel with ourselves, each other and Gaia. It is so obvious, like chapter and verse. Occasionally I eat at a restaurant with my parents or order take out. We don’t eat insects.

Once the mass consciousness change was undertaken implementing the circular economy was much easier. We all recognised that the ideological capitalist strategy of planned obsolescence was antithetical to any kind of long-term sustainability and was disrespectful to our mother planet and home, Gaia. Once people understood the new model of the five capitals framework and how many of the big tech giants and captains of industry had deliberately exploited both the public who used their products (arrogantly labelled as consumers) and Gaia, everything changed. The advertising industry evaporated almost overnight.

Child exploitation and slavery ended. The peoples of places like the Congo enjoy peace, a regenerated environment and were happy to be compensated for the minerals plundered from their country. They are masters of their own destiny in a country at peace for the first time in generations. Air and water around the planet are clean and unpolluted, because Gaia is respected and not viewed as an object of plunder. I still ponder what madness allowed slavery and the arms trade to be part of the accepted global economy.

Leisure pursuits? Our understanding of it is more nuanced that yours because we value the flow state more than we value money. Money is a medium of exchange and not a tool of oppression and social engineering. I’ve found that Tai Chi and meditation really help me find my balance. I’ve also been taking blended classes (some online modules and some in-person practical classes) in soil science, so that I have a better understanding of permaculture when I start living on the ecovillage.

Although many jobs have been automated, we decided that saving some of these jobs so that young people could do 3-6 months placements, in order to appreciate the drudgery of the labour that their ancestors put up with, would be a good lesson and also character building. Now they appreciate their time better and are happy to study for up to four hours a day in small classes, where they learn so much because of the mechanics of deep learning. AI has a limited place for certain aspects of our society, but the decision was taken that Silicon Valley tech giants and unelected globalist technocrats, given their dismal past records and their lack of ethics, to decide how much we should rely on AI. Perhaps in the future we will expand it, but for now a minimalist approach to AI seems to be the best approach.

Once the war on drugs was ended and the DEA and other similar organisations disbanded, many people choose to experiment with entheogens such as magic mushrooms, magic truffles, Iboga, LSD, MDMA, DMT, Peyote, San Pedro Cactus and Ayahuasca. This helped many people understand themselves, come to terms with their trauma and heal themselves. Many people also choose to undergo initiation ceremonies and to fully integrate their inner mature archetypes: warrior, magician, lover, monarch.

Most of the planet’s population have lived or are currently living or plan to live in communes, ecovillages or intentional communities, because they recognise both that this reconnects them with nature but also that it represents a deep truth about the human condition. Many Research, Education and Training (RETs) institutes also exist, teaching a wide range of previously niche skills. The population has never been so mentally healthy, now that living outside of the control of the state is not seen as a radical notion or a bourgeoise indulgence.

I’m so happy that people recognised that the global technocrats of the WEF and the so-called philanthropist class, did not have the best interests of the people at heart and wanted to create a two-tier world of Technofeudalism. I appreciate my privacy and understand that paper money allows me privacy that would have vanished under a system of central bank digital currency (CBDCs).

When all is said and done life is so much better than it was. Obesity, diabetes and cancer have all but disappeared. The pharmaceutical industry is a fraction of its former size because of this. Ending the war on drugs, implementing an indefinite moratorium on the arms trade, instituting Doughnut Economics and using Copiosis to create free and fair mediums of exchange has allowed the ideas of visionary futurists like Buckminster Fuller, Jacque Fresco and Nikola Tesla to become a reality. Society has benefited, I as an individual have benefited, Gaia is now respected and not plundered. There is still work to be done, but I have a song in my heart and the wind in the trees whispers to me.

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