Sustainable Development

Sustainable Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

A permaculture system of agriculture and ethical and sustainable animal husbandry are absolutely necessary to produce enough food for over 7 billion people without degrading the soil and wider ecology on which we all depend. This is based on the research and work of David Holmgren and others and the 12 principles on which permaculture is based. Sustainable animal husbandry rejects the battery-farm system, steroids and antibiotic heavy, mono-culture, profit-before-all-other-considerations driven system, currently the dominant system on the planet, in favour of ethical animal rearing and evidence based sustainable models of animal husbandry. It is also based on local ownership models and rejects bankrupting farmers so that their land can be taken by so-called philanthropists, transnational capital and unaccountable bodies such as the WEF. It would also better educate the global population of the health benefits of a more balanced diet involving a reduction in the quantity of meat eaten, but with better quality meat, and/or the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. It rejects the imposition of insect protein into the food chain of humans by the predatory and unaccountable global bodies such as the WEF.

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