The WEF’s ‘New Normal’ is Technofeudalism and the alternative is Postcapitalist Paradigm Change

Let’s just say it loud and clear, Klaus Schwab the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum is an arrogant narcissistic sociopath. In fact, it is fair to say that the World Economic Forum are overrun by arrogant narcissistic sociopaths, and that their staggering arrogance and rapacious greed knows no bounds[1]. Schwab certainly gives the impression that he would like to be anointed as ‘Emperor of Planet Earth’ and that the masses (people he views as little more than serfs, peasants, or cattle) should obey his pronouncements without question. He doesn’t just act and sound like a megalomaniac James Bond villain, he actually looks like one! He is a man who can talk the talk about sustainability and social justice but does not walk the walk, there is no real substance to his pronouncements, it’s all ‘greenwashing’ and ‘wokewashing’.

I’ve read many documents he’s authored and, he doesn’t discuss the war on drugs, he doesn’t talk about the negative externalities of the arms trade, he doesn’t discuss debt-based currencies and he doesn’t talk about Doughnut Economics[2]. He does, however, rate himself as a serious intellectual. He presents “stakeholder capitalism” as if it is some sort of masterstroke of genius that will solve the world’s problems and that we should actually take it, and him, seriously. Under slightly different circumstances his ‘reality-bypass’ pronouncements would see him receiving a failing grade for his economics A-level, and a “could do better” on his report card!

Despite the fact that he has some heavy hitters on his team batting for stakeholder capitalism, in actual fact it’s hollow linear-minded drivel, absolute dross. The emperor wears no clothes. But we shouldn’t be surprised given that ideological capitalist economists, globalist technocrats and banksters live in echo-chamber fantasy lands and suffer greatly from delusional group think. Walter Mitty has nothing on these fantasists!

The COP26 summit of 2021 gives us many clear examples of the hypocrisy of the billionaire class, the globalist technocrats from the World Economic Forum and their lackeys. Joe Biden rides into town in a cavalcade of eighty-five cars whilst telling the rest of us to use less petrol and cut carbon emissions. Eighty-Five! Other world leaders and delegates fly in on private jets, which while only available to a small fraction of the 1% wealthiest of the population yet contribute 50% of all Co2 emissions from aircraft. Half of emissions the responsibility of less than 1% of the population, then these clowns have the absolute nerve to lecture everyone else on travelling less by planes!

There are no quarantine mandates for them, and they sit in rooms wearing no masks, being served by masked waiting staff, while mandating masks for the masses. Although they don’t have a monopoly on hypocrisy, they do hold a majority share in it. We should not be taking any of their pronouncements remotely seriously. But of course, their lackeys in the media treated the whole event with extreme seriousness and turn a blind eye to the blatant hypocrisy. Given that pseudo-journalism is rife in the MSM and that most of those working in the MSM can be accurately described as hacks, churnalists or presstitutes, this is hardly surprising.

The WEF’s vision of a ‘Great Reset’, a ‘New Normal’ and (the completely vacuous) ‘Build Back Better’[3] is of a two-tier society where a class of super-rich rulers (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Rupert Murdoch, the Clintons, the Trump family, the family formerly known as Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the Bush family et al.) and their amply compensated pawns (Tony Blair, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, Biden, Obama, Putin, Macron, Trudeau, Johnson and the list goes on) move across borders in private jets and are above the law. To quote George Carlin, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” Furthermore, a variety of different intelligence agencies and private mercenary groups use assassination, bribery, blackmail and propaganda to push the agendas of this class[4].

Meanwhile a class of peasants / proles / serfs / slaves toil away for pennies and live a brutish existence, subject to intrusive surveillance 24/7. Decent medical care would be a luxury beyond their means, sick pay a distant memory and workers’ rights a quaint idea from ‘the olden days.’ The WEF’s dark vision of a ‘New Normal’ is nothing less than Technofeudalism.

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis coined this term, Technofeudalism, and it is entirely apt. It takes the worst aspects of surveillance capitalism and combines it with the worst aspects of the Chinese Communist party’s social credit system, to paraphrase the WEF’s own pronouncements, “you will own nothing, but you will not be happy.” Their perverse vision is to reduce all humans to their basest level as ‘units of consumption’ or ‘carbon blobs alive in the financial year’ with no divine spark and cut off from mother-nature, to be exploited as the billionaire class see fit. Be under no illusions, it is an insane vision of a dystopian world, and the human race can do a lot better. The alternative is Postcapitalist Paradigm Change, and let’s start with just four things for a Greater Postcapitalist Reset.

  • Indefinite moratorium on arms production and sales
  • End of the so-called War on Drugs
  • Implementation of non-debt-based currencies
  • Doughnut Economics as the basis of the global economy

These four simple changes will not only solve many of the biggest problems that the human race faces today but they will allow us the space to implement other necessary changes. Of course, the globalist technocrats of the WEF and a variety of other international organisations will resist this in order to implement their dark vision of a dystopian global society. My suggestion would be to take them into custody while they await trial for their crimes against humanity. Once this Greater Postcapitalist Reset has bedded in, other changes will include but may not be limited to:

  • Cradle-to-cradle (C2C) systems to be the norm
  • Establishment of peace and reconciliation commissions
  • States recognising the rights of individuals and communities to live outside the control of the state
  • Transition from mono-culture agriculture to permaculture as the norm
  • Legal status of companies to be completely reassessed
  • Privacy of individuals as the norm
  • The right to bodily autonomy to be the norm

All that evil requires to prevail is for good people to do nothing. Hitler’s Nazi party did not come to power in a day, they came to power in small steps, many of which, due to control of the narrative, appeared reasonable to the German people of the time. The great reset and the new normal from the WEF, may appear reasonable but they are not, and we must all stand up and be counted. Spending your life in a televisual trance, watching porn, constantly intoxicated on your drug of choice, or doing nothing is no longer an option. If they implement their plans, we will all be the worse for it, so will generations of humans yet to be born, and so will our home planet. Paradigm change is, at this point in human history, absolutely essential.

NB. My book, Postcapitalism: A Beginner’s Guide to Paradigm Change, which discusses all of these changes and more, will be released later this year.

[1] Their website can be viewed at

[2] Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth is a superlative work and a radical reimagining of Macro Economics to serve the people and the planet.

[3] Build what back better? Who is defining what constitutes better? I am yet to hear any MSM journalists ask these questions.

[4] If any reader considers this “conspiracy theory,” then riddle me this. Is there any activity that intelligence agencies carry out that isn’t either a) preventing conspiracies by, ‘enemy actors and/or enemy agencies’ or b) involving themselves in conspiracies against ‘enemy actors and/or enemy agencies’?

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